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Mani Kumar

Idea Title

Providing fiber internet connection in a small area and then growing the business eventually.


Telcom / ISP


Product/service description

The business focuses on providing internet services to a small area initially. The services will be provided through fiber cable. The service provider will purchase its bandwidth from two internet providers. A suitable place will be used to set up the server room and install the equipment and switches.

Market Scope/Potential

Internet services have become one of the most critical services today. Setting up this business is a good idea, but it has immense challenges. Only a well-planned business can function well because any imbalance in the service can discourage the customers. Also, since the competition is huge...

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Ajay Krishna

Idea Title

Food Trucks to sell only nutritional food as Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner without compromising on Taste.


Hotels / Restaurents / Food Courts


Product / Service Description:

Replacing food habits with nutritional food by preparing a variety of tasty dishes for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. These Dishes should contain Fruits, Vegetables along with healthy carbohydrates and fats.

Market Scope / Potential:

We have many options to buy Junk food and very few options for nutritional food. In these days people are looking for solution to change their food habits. But they could only able to get advices.


Less competition at present.

Not very huge Investment.


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