Viewham helping you to reinvent work with SMART techniques

Viewham helping you to reinvent work with SMART techniques

Fast-tracking your business is necessary for this age and time. Being able to do it first takes the precedence in almost everything you think of doing today.

Going SMART is

Therefore not all about being smart or choosing the right way, but are concepts you need to understand to “Do it better!”

SMART is a design acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based.

Smart Techniques - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time-Based

Specific – Being specific and to-the-point will help you remain focused and energized. The whole idea is to eliminate vagueness and assumptions. You need to borderline and set a perimeter on what has to be done, in a given time frame. The moment you decide and streamline specifics, you channelize all your energy and direct all your resources towards it. Thus, making the best use of what you have to convert something into what one can be!

Specific Ideas


Measurable – is like scorekeeping. You need to understand that measuring success is as important as performing. What is the use if you perform all you want without the unlikeliest of the result?

Measurability can be something as small as a board inked with a daily plan; or maybe a flowchart to remind you of where you are and where you are supposed to be. When measuring becomes clear and consistent, achieving it becomes easier as well.

Measurable Ideas

Attainable –the goal you set should often be realistic. When you take a plan to a venture capitalist or a business they often look at the credibility factor. How attainable is this goal, how achievable is it overall? Business plans sketched with overwhelming results often get turned down because of its non-feasibility aspect.

Apply the same concept to a smaller, scalable level and you will see how important attainability factor is when it comes to executing. We all know that any kind of hard work or any kind of task that is undertaken has to boil down ultimately to execution part of it. If you cannot execute in time, your work suffers criticism and is subjected to collateral damage in many ways. People start to form an opinion about you. To avoid this, executing in time becomes really important. Therefore, to do this, you need to have attainable goals with realistic time frames.


Relevant—or relevance calls for an immediate reality check. Check the market and learn about it to understand what is trending in it. What is expected as a result and what kind of resources are available as such. If you are looking to invest smart, invest in the right kind of asset, you need to understand the asset’s relevance to the trending “present”. This element will take you a long way to know what you need, to know what territory you will be stepping in, and also assure you that you haven’t made any mistake.

Investing need not be in crores or lakhs alone, it could be a matter of even a couple of thousands of rupees. This you will learn by using the SMART elements available on Viewham.

Relevant Ideas

Time-Bound –the entire goal has to be time bound. You must be able to figure out the proportional relationship between a set goal and the time required to complete it. Every step along the way, you need to track your progress. If you do not pull out a definitive result, analyze what went wrong and repeat the step. Say the need of the hour is to expand a client base by 30% in 3 months, choose a timeline to focus on accomplishing it.

Further, every goal can be micromanaged in terms of setting subsidiary steps. Learning to be smart, a little more than being just hardworking will serve you better.


Viewham thus collaborates all these conceptual elements and sews together a website where you can turn the above jargon’s into reality. Viewham provides you with the opportunity to do things in a better way. It is a living example of the SMART methodology.

  • It helps you ease up to be Specific.
  • We have elaborated timelines to help you track and measure your work, projects, success factors.
  • Viewham helps you analyze all options that make it easier for you to attain set goals and complete a project.
  • It helps you view relevant projects related to the profile’s skill set. This helps you manage your time in a better way.
  • Viewham has many options to understand the pros and cons of undertaking a project. An important aspect is therefore of the time based, that helps you gain many stars on the trust factor.

Other than the above factors helping you make money, you will also be able to learn along the way. You are also given the option to invest in any credible asset and will also have access to an idea zone channel which will help you understand user insights and perspectives.

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