Top 9 Own Business Ideas in Rural India

Top 9 Own Business Ideas in Rural India_Viewham

You can start your own business in the village where you live and for this to happen, you may have to keep things like confidence, creativity & proper planning in mind along with your business’s needs.

Are you planning to commence a new business in rural India but are stuck on which ideas to implement? This blog can give you some business ideas that might help you.

1) Production of Organic Produce

Production of Organic Produce Business Ideas

The demand for organic produce is increasing day by day, as villagers rely upon agriculture. This business idea works best in the village as many farmers can help and give you motivation.

The scope for this business is vast as all the framers plan to purchase fertilizers and seeds for their daily income. To start this business a huge investment is not required, and you can start it from your doorstep.

2) Vegetable and Fruits Shop

Vegetable and Fruits Shop Business Ideas

If you are a farmer then you can farm vegetables and fruits and sell them directly to customers without mediators. Opportunities are higher, as people are interested in buying things directly from the producer/farmer to avoid dealers.

There is a lot of scope and development in this small business idea provided that the owner has a proper plan to run the business effectively from the beginning without delegating the work to anyone else.

3) Poultry Farm

Poultry Farm Business Ideas

This type of business is very successful in rural areas. Initially, you can start this business on a contract basis or collaborate with others. As your business and contacts grow, you can certainly think of your poultry farm. The poultry business is one of the fastest-growing segments of the agricultural sector.

The poultry business’s advantage is that there are related business opportunities to the poultry farm like meat production, chicken farm, and egg business, etc.

4) Milk Centre

Milk Centre Business Ideas

As breeding of cows, buffaloes and cattle are common in every village this business idea works best. To start this business, you need to maintain healthy livestock of cattle and breed them well.

A good relationship with customers and dairy farms can supplement your business well because your products can reach farther this way. If you have your breeding farm, then you can start this business immediately from your farm.

If you do not have a breeding farm, you need to build contacts with a dairy farm for contractual work and work accordingly. Every milk center collects milk from villagers so there is a lot of scope & opportunity in opening this business.

5) Grocery/Kirana/General/Wholesale Store

Grocery_Kirana_General_Wholesale Store Business Ideas

Every household requires grocery essentials. Opening a grocery business is a simple idea. You can have a contract with grocery or wholesale shops from the city and set up your own business in the village to sell a large variety of groceries.

This way the opportunities for your business increase because you can bring groceries in bulk and think of related businesses like a transport service or storage service. An additional business idea can be selling fertilizers and seeds.

These transport and storage services can help you expand your business to neighboring villages as well. If you dare to sell global goods in your community, the scope of business increases and you can make more substantial profits with a simple business idea.

6) Mobile and Accessories Shop

Mobile and Accessories Shop Business Ideas

Nowadays everyone is technology literate and it does not matter if he is living in a village. A small mobile shop can become a massive success in your town. Everyone wants to communicate with their family, so a mobile becomes a necessity for everyone. This causes the scope of your business to grow even faster.

Initially, it might be difficult for your business to pick up market attention but gradually it increases because this business is never-ending. An additional business idea to supplement this mobile and accessory shop is having a mobile repair facility and providing accessories like headphones, phone covers, etc.

That way your customers will return every time they have any problem with their device because you will have the capability to provide new parts or repair.

7) Farm Equipment

Farm Equipment Business Ideas

Farming is conventional in rural areas. Every season before the harvest, farmers may require new equipment or repair of their existing ones. This business idea works best with timing because the harvest is related to the crop that the farmers are growing.

As this business goes hand in hand with agriculture, it will be a profitable business for you. Maintaining heavy-duty machines can be a big task and hence you can also try the business idea or repairing these machines for others and even sell them, supply them.

Initially, you can collaborate with equipment companies and start your business to increase your business opportunities because you can get all the required equipment on a rental basis. Buying equipment might be expensive and may need a small investment. So, a slow process starting with renting them is a good start.

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8) Carpentry Shop

Carpentry Shop Business Ideas

If you have knowledge of wood and trees and know how to use tools related to woodwork then this business idea works best and you can start working immediately. The scope of carpentry is increasing everywhere.

Opportunities are limited in this field compared to others because the life of woodwork related items is at least a few years. If you want you can join well-established companies and gain market attention or open your shop.

9) Flour Mill

Flour Mill Business Ideas

In cities, people are used to buying flour as packets directly from supermarkets or grocery stores. In villages, people usually go to the flour mill. Initially, you can set up a small business for your community and later increase the scope of your business by selling flour to other villages or companies thereby expanding your business.

The demand for a flour mill is always high as every family in India uses flour daily and there is a considerable demand for flour in restaurants as well. A flour mill can also increase its scope of business by making a variety of flours by including essential items like spices (turmeric, chillies etc.).


There is no secret key to a successful business. A lot of hard work, confidence & trial and error form the main pillars for a successful business. The road always has ups and downs. Above mentioned business ideas are ideal for starting a business in rural areas. Whenever you start a business make sure you believe that you can succeed with any number of hurdles.

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