Top 10 Home-Based Business Ideas that help you in COVID-19 Pandemic

Top 10 Home-Based Business Ideas that help you in COVID-19 Pandemic_Viewham

Due to the effect of COVID-19, more than 79% of knowledge workers globally are working from home.

A study revealed that more than 50 million Americans are working as freelancers. This number increases globally; in today’s reality, starting a home-based business is not a trend. It’s part of the new normal in this pandemic.

The dreams of working at home are now coming alive in the COVID-19 pandemic. Now, it is possible and essential for the survival and improvement of the economy.

Best Home-Based Business Ideas

The below are some best home-based profitable business ideas that are in demand in this pandemic.

1. Home-based Bakery

Home-based Bakery

Home-based baking is an easy business idea if you love to bake. Professional bakers probably do it all the time. If you have all the equipment at home, you better get started.

Taking orders and delivering them comes with built-in-risk, setting up a digital platform would help you to get orders and deliver them quickly.

Quality is more important than variety in baking. Most of the people prefer homemade bakery food because they trust it will be made in hygienic conditions.

2. Freelance Writing

Freelance Writing

If you are good at writing, you can make more and more money in very little time. There are many forms in writing, such as article writing, resume writing, marketing content development, news articles, and even thank-you notes. The freelance content writers have more demand in the market. If you are good enough with grammar, you can even be as a freelance editor.

The key to success in freelance writing lies in the development of your network. The more people or companies you approach, the more you can write. Always be online and available on the social media networks and attend to writing workshops, and writing meet-ups held in the country. This improves your exposure and provides more opportunities.

Use LinkedIn as the primary source for obtaining freelance projects. Always be in contact with the previous clients and ask them for more work. If there are no projects left in your hand, start your blog and write.

3. Social-Media Specialist

Social-Media Specialist

Social media is a leading path for individuals and communities to stay connected in this COVID-19 pandemic.

Social media is both a blessing and a curse because both the information and misinformation are widely spread. Social media specialists have to be careful about trusting the misinformation on social media.

Before providing your expert services to others, determine yourself as an influencer on social media. Build your audience and contacts with elite social media professionals. Twitter is a great place to start your social, professional career, and LinkedIn helps you find a way to acquire a project.

4. Home Tutoring

Home Tutoring

Due to COVID-19, many exams have been canceled and got postponed fearing the spread of the virus. This made parents get nervous about their child’s educational career.

So, this is the right time for home tutoring, but you can teach only locals where parents personally know you. By taking the necessary precautions, you can earn handsome money by teaching at your home. Just make sure to do your homework on your local market to market yourself locally.

5. Craft Creation

Craft Creation

Craft creation is one of the most creative businesses to date. If you think of starting a craft business, stick to one or two product lines, and choose the best distribution channel. At present, we can only choose online distribution channels. Many people working from home want to make their work location look professional. So, it is the right time to please them with your creative crafts.

6. Furniture Making

Furniture Making

Due to the lockdown, many carpenters are staying idle at home. But it is the right time to show your skills and talent in furniture making. This is a good opportunity to start your own business. This might not be the easiest idea, but if you already own the equipment, you can start producing sample pieces to sell online on sites.

You can charge more than you think, your furniture is worth it.

7. Jewelry Making

Jewelry Making

If you know how to make jewelry, this is the right time to show up your skills. Handmade jewelry ought to be a long-held attraction for collectors and admirers alike.

The biggest challenge is running your jewelry business operations. This business mainly depends on the display you maintain. The online channel is the best display that can take your jewel designs to your best prospects. Plan to open an online channel or join the online market place to show your skills.

The skill and hard work you put on making a jewel will pay you off well.

8. Online Music Teaching

Online Music Teaching

School students, employees, and many others would like singing and playing an instrument. Spending daily 2 hours in teaching music classes can earn you more and more money.

The market for music learning is high in this quarantine, and your instrument is your specialty. The key to success in this business is firm policies on pricing and cancellations. Use your home as a venue for providing online lessons.

9. Freelance Graphic Designing

Freelance Graphic Designing

Freelance graphic design needs a certain level of expertise. This market needs some pricey software to compete with the advanced graphics in the market.

If you don’t have enough experience in the graphic design business, just remember to be creative with your business model. Graphic design has got more demand in the market.

10. Freelance web Designing

Freelance web Designing

Same as graphic designing, web designing also needs expertise that can take years to procure and perfect. But if you have the experience, there is a huge market waiting for you.

Choose a target market and offer your services. Web designers have to be creative and trendy to compete with the individuals and the agencies.

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Because of this global pandemic, many businesses and people are facing downturns. But making an alternate decision on businesses will help you fight in this crisis.

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