Top 10 Business Ideas to Start Amid COVID-19

COVID-19 has affected every street in the world. The panic it created is beyond imagination; it made every business close its operations. The increase in the number of positive cases made people confine themselves to four walls.

As the situation is getting worse for businesses day by day, they want to have alternate business ideas to run their day to day operations. But digital marketing has turned out to be a great savior for many industries. The health regulators to maintain social distancing norms made customers stay indoors.

Digital marketing also created an opportunity for entrepreneurs and business owners to serve society in this crisis.

4 Reasons why a business should go online:

reasons why a business should go online

#1.The increase in mobile apps spending is expected to be increased by a double by 2024, with a reach of 183.7 billion.

#2.An increase in demand for online marketing is expected to be 9% more than pre-COVID-19.

#3.The reduced human contact helped online businesses with contactless deliveries.

#4.Market experts say health care in the online market is increased to 109%.

Online business is the only way now to maintain a safe and secure business environment. It has the potential to survive the crisis. The following are the top 10 business ideas to start in amid COVID-19.

Online Ambulance Booking:

online ambulance booking

Online ambulance booking can make lives comfortable and secure at this phase. We all know how COVID-19 has caused the medical business boom. Online ambulance booking is a helpful idea that serves people in case of an emergency. In case, if you need assistance or expert’s advice on starting an online ambulance booking app, Viewham is here to help you.

Online Healthcare Consultation:

online healthcare consultation

Online healthcare consultation is playing a crucial portion in steering the effect of the virus outbreak. This helps patients, and medical workers to stay safe in combating the novel coronavirus. As the isolation-time is long, doctors need to take care of the affected patients. Online consultation is the best way that can offer possible solutions to their health issues.

On-Demand Nurses and Caretakers:

on-demand nurses and caretakers

According to a report, on-demand nurses and caretaker’s platform has seen an uplift of 70% in consultations. As it is a developing industry, users can seek on-demand nurses and even caretakers. This a futuristic business idea that can attract more and more users. Start your business today; just an app can collaborate with the users.

Fitness and Wellness Apps:

fitness and wellness apps

Many gyms, yoga centers, and other wellness centers are among the severely impacted businesses in the pandemic. The digital platforms have turned into a boon for the fitness and wellness industries. Online platforms for fitness turned people to maintain their daily routines from home. The business in these online fitness apps, yoga, and meditation apps has seen tremendous growth in this pandemic.

Online Grocery Shopping:

online grocery shopping

The panic created by the pandemic kept people away from going to physical grocery stores. As the reserve groceries at homes are about to end, they started looking for an alternate source. Now, online grocery shopping has increased demand in the market. The people now, directly ordering their groceries online. Change your offline grocery store into an online store and ensure your business gets orders.

Online Pharmacy shopping:

online pharmacy shopping

People in quarantine changed their daily habits, but the medicines they use did not change. During the lockdown, it’s difficult to reach a medical store; at this point, online pharmacy shopping has made effective results by delivering them at the doorsteps.

Medicines are important for those affected with the virus, and people who are suffering from minor or major health issues. So, it’s important to build an online medical shopping for helping patients with the right medicines.

Online food delivery Apps:

online food delivery apps

Restaurants had closed due to the lockdown announced by governments. Waiting for the close of lockdown will not be a good option for the restaurant businesses. Online food delivery is the best option for them to certainly survive in the quarantine period. People don’t want to expose themselves to the contagious virus, so online food delivery enables your customer safety with the contactless delivery. Switch your restaurant online and make safe and secure profits.

Online Teaching platforms:

online education industry

Educational institutions are forced to temporarily close and shift their teaching programs to online. The coronavirus pandemic has improved demand for the online education industry. Many states and central exams have been canceled, and some are postponed. The change in the nation led the educational industry to have an online teaching platform. This is an advanced and futuristic view of education. Collaborate with the best digital marketing agencies and build an advanced online platform for your educational institutions.

Online Farmers Market:

online farmers market

There is an increase in demand for organic vegetables, fruits, and dairy products. The online farmers market would help people, with the fresh and organic vegetables served right at their doorsteps. This helps farmers and consumers to be safe without exposing themselves to the virus.

Online Textile Industry:

online textile industry

Due to the quarantine and sudden increase in the spread of COVID-19, some industries have no clue what to do. Wearables, electronic devices, fashion accessories, and many industries are left behind. The textile industry is one of them, but there is some demand for clothing in the market. The online platform for clothing can make your business survive in the lockdown.


Plan and improve your alternate business sources today and hope for the better tomorrow. Your online business platform helps you today, tomorrow, and throughout your business life by making your business a brand. Collaborate with our leading digital marketing agency and simplify your business with a creative online presence.

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