Startup Business Ideas
Enabling Active Methods
A business idea, however small, depends on two things; Innovation and Creativity! Creativity! Debbie Allen once said, “Out of Limitations comes Creativity” which is so true in today’s era! Limited financial aids and skilled-human resources have paved way for creative minds to seek unusual paths and is currently the trending topic of the present. People...
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You Have a Business Idea - What's Next
To know what you like, and what you would continue as a hobby, is one thing. But turning the same thing into a money-making process is hard. It takes a lot of dedication and insightful vision to start a small business idea and make it large. Start-up ideas usually fail after some time has given...
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The Importance of the Business Idea for New Venture Creation or Entrepreneurship
Zig Ziglar once quoted, “You don’t build a business; You build people and people build the business.” — which is absolutely true in many ways, given the era of commercialization online! At the core, a business idea is a solution that can solve a challenging problem. For an entrepreneur to take this up and venture...
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