Small Business Ideas for Teachers, Professors and Lecturers

Education is part and parcel of life. Every teacher, professor or lecturer plays an important role in everyone’s education. Any teacher must enjoy themselves while teaching because the more you enjoy teaching, the better you can deliver your lessons.

Many people have hidden talents, skills or expertise. It would be good idea to use these hidden talents to start your own business and earn an extra income.

As a teacher, professor or lecturer who wants to run a small business, the basic questions running in your mind would be about which business to start, and the ability to manage this additional responsibility.  The answer to these questions is yes. This blog will help you with some business ideas.

1.Notary Public:

Notary Public
A notary public is a quick start and it can help earn a decent additional income. The state decides the maximum amount you can charge per signature for a notary. It is very important to understand your target audience or customers. The first step to start this business is to register yourself with the state government.

The responsibilities of a notary public is a witness in public legal documents, affidavits, oaths, deeds, and business agreements. While signing, you have to be careful with the documents because it is very easy to commit fraud. The opportunities for notary public include collaboration with other companies or starting your own business.

2.Professional Speechwriting:

Professional Speechwriting
This business is a good idea for teachers who inspire people or audiences with their words. Teachers are known for their writing skills. The opportunities for professional speechwriting include freelancing, outsourcing for companies or writing for politicians and leaders.

Additional opportunities include becoming a professional public speaker, where you can write your speech to inspire people. There is a massive demand for professional speechwriters nowadays because of the time constraint. To start this business the most that a writer would need is laptops or desktop computers with an internet connection.

3.Educational Toys:

Educational Toys
This is a fast-growing business idea in these modern times. Before sending children to school, parents are looking for educational toys for their children. These toys can be in of form of books and games.

The opportunities for educational toys include creative ideas for manufacturing, accepting online orders, customized toys. Before starting this business you need to do market research for competition.

This business can be operated from home also.  There is a huge scope for educational toys because parents want their children to ‘learn as you play’.

4.Art and Craft Business:

Art and Craft Business
Have crafting skills?  Then starting this business is a fantastic idea. With this business idea in arts and craft, you can fulfill dreamy and designer ideas of the customers. The opportunities for arts and crafts businesses are huge because every customer has some creative ideas they want to fulfill.

The business can be advertised via social media platforms or online through vlogs. The demand for this business is growing at high speed. There are several additional services like crocheting, candle making, calligraphy, and wall hanging which can be provided as bonus services to stay ahead in the competition.

5.Teacher’s Resources Online:

Teacher's Resources Online
Teachers need to update their skills and teaching methods with the requirements and methodologies to attract and teach students at every level. For doing this they need some assistance and support resources for teachers can help.

This resource platform is an online forum assisting not just to teachers but also for students. Adopting new methodologies may be difficult for some teacher’s, professors, or lecturers. With this business, you are helping them with tricks and tips to improve.

The opportunities for advertising this business are online and through brochures. Live classes or recorded classes with minimum registration fees is a good way of starting this business.

6.Freelance Writing Business:

Freelance Writing Business
Teachers, professors or lecturers can enjoy starting this business. As they get a good chance to express themselves with writing articles. You have an option to become an academic writer, publisher, or curriculum writer.

The other opportunities include work as a freelancer for a company or educational institution. You can also work as a proof-reader or editor for educational content in schools and colleges.  A computer or laptop with an internet connection is essential for starting a business from the comfort of home.

 7.Online Library:

Online Library
An Online library business is another idea for a profitable educational business. With the internet’s help, people can register in the online library and get access to books. You can start this business within the comfort of your home.

There is much scope for an online library. As long as technology is thriving this type of business will have a huge demand. The opportunities for an online library include collaboration with other companies or simply starting your own business. Additional opportunities include a joint venture with e-books publisher, magazines, journals or periodicals.

8.Skill Development Centre:

Skill Development Centre
This is good business for teachers, professors or lecturers. There are two major responsibilities for a skill development center: the quality of education and the infrastructure level. The amount of investment is huge initially, the returns are also high. This business can be for both men and women.

The additional skills that a development center can provide are interpersonal, technical skills, and soft skills. These skills can help students or people to fast track their journey towards success. As a teacher with this business, you can help a lot of people develop skills missing in their skill-set.

Despite being a successful business person who has achieved personal goals, there might be some unanswered questions with respect to business. Here are some tips for a teacher before starting a new business which we think are important for running a business successfully:

  • stay focused while analyzing market competition,
  • for every business, understand the risk and reward,
  • the most important point is to be consistent and provide good service,
  • last but not least believe in yourself.


To be a successful business person it takes a lot of hard work and patience. With proper planning and time management, your business can thrive. Constant updating of skills is necessary for any business person to sustain the business.

The small business ideas mentioned in our blog are some bright ideas that can be used to start a business immediately.  will help you further with business ideas.

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