Profitable Small Business Ideas For Manufacturing Industry in India

Profitable Small Business Ideas For Manufacturing Industry in India_Viewham

In India, the manufacturing industry has gone through various phases of development over a while. The manufacturing industry in India has emerged as a fast-growing sector due to its rapidly increasing population.

Starting a manufacturing business may not be an easy task. It requires a lot of market research and goal setting. New business owners will have a lot of extra responsibilities, such as SWOT analysis, i.e., Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats of the competition and possible market combination activities.

Before starting any business, here are some tips that entrepreneurs must consider and follow.

  • Do you have a proper business plan?
  • Is your business is goal-oriented or not?
  • Do you have financial support?
  • Consider all the pros and cons.
  • Is your idea valid or not?

This blog will help you with some ideas related to the manufacturing industry.

1.Biodiesel Manufacturing:

Biodiesel Manufacturing

The biodiesel business requires proper planning and hard work to succeed in the market. While starting this business, one needs to conduct market research and feasibility studies and apply it for operation license. The biodiesel business has a bright future in the industry.

The marketing of biodiesel manufacturing business plays an essential role. The best opportunity for a biodiesel manufacturing business is the import and export of biodiesel.

2.Aluminum Manufacturing:

Aluminum Manufacturing

Aluminum manufacturing has enormous demand in the market. While starting this business, small scale industry registration and pollution control certificate are necessary as aluminum is a common material used in the construction sector.

One can collaborate with construction companies to provide aluminum doors or windows. An individual can market their product through advertisement and use social media to boost sales and stay ahead.

3.Manufacturing Soaps:

Manufacturing Soaps

The soap industry is an evergreen business. While starting a soap business, one needs to understand customer requirements as they are essential for the soap business to run successfully.

One needs to study the blend of certain herbs and spices and the effects they cause. The small business is always ready for expansion. The other products one can manufacture are herbal soaps, body wash and detergent soap to stay ahead in the competition.

4.Manufacturing of Sugar:

Manufacturing of Sugar

The sugar business includes working capital like procuring raw materials and staffing. The sugar manufacturing business is a part of the agro-based industry. For starting a sugar business, one needs to have good connections with framers for procuring sugar-cane regularly.

The future of the sugar business is massive. One can manufacture sugar crystals or sugar candy to boost sales and stay ahead in the competition. The other services that can help in business expansion are glucose syrup and sugar-based confetti ingredients.

5.Leather Manufacturing:

Leather Manufacturing

The leather business has enormous demand in the market. It has always been and will always be an essential industry for humans because footwear and bags are daily use items. To start this business one needs to understand customer requirements. Initially, one can start with a small business.

Once the investment is ready, the small business can expand with more products, varieties and production. Leather services include bags, handbags, school bags, wallets and travel bags.

The other functions in the leather manufacturing business are shoes, jackets, hats and belts. Marketing these products properly and having multiple products and brands are ways to stay ahead in the competition.

6.Furniture Business:

Furniture Business

The furniture business is another booming business in the market, and the demand for this business is growing exponentially. One can collaborate with builders or dealers to gain market attention. The most critical aspect of the furniture business is finishing.

Good finishing would make the product look better and increase the margin of profit in the sale of that item. The business’s scope is either as a standalone for manufacturing beds, office tables, chairs, desk and other decorative items or collaborate with large franchises. Location-based targetting is the best way forward for boosting sales.

Online shopping has an enormous demand because many people do not want to waste time going to the physical store and booking transport for buying furniture. One way to expand the business is to create online stores where the customer can choose and design his furniture.

7.Jute Manufacturing:

Jute Manufacturing

The jute manufacturing business is easy to start and does not require heavy machinery. Jute is a biodegradable material and hence an excellent option to start an eco-friendly company. The jute business involves a lot of market understanding.

Additionally, one can plan for different types of jute based products like jute carry-bags, shopping bags, conference bags, and jute wine bottle bags. The jute business can boost sales by collaborating with the transport industry.

Transportation of seeds, rice, and other grains in jute bags is a common practice. The demand for jute bags is massive and has both domestic and international markets.

8.Footwear Business:

Footwear Business

The footwear business is an evergreen industry. The footwear business is enormous because one has an option to target a large customer base. Footwear business is independent of the customer’s financial status because every human wears footwear, albeit a different variety and cost. An online retail shop is an excellent way to boost sales.

Collaboration with shopping malls can help gain market attention. One can start with a small retail shop and expand by increasing the number of store locations or the number of products. The best way forward is to manufacture fashionable footwear based on the market trend.

9.Kitchen Utensils:

Kitchen Utensils

The kitchen utensils business is another booming business in the industry, which is also evergreen. There is a huge demand for eco-friendly kitchen items, and steel or glass-based cutlery provide an alternative for plastic.

The location of the store plays a crucial role in the kitchen utensils business. A store needs to be closer to a residential area than a site with offices (means it requires some market understanding).

One can either be standalone in the market as a new and unique brand or collaborate with franchises. The best source of marketing is via social media or online by creating Youtube channels.

10.Toy Manufacturing:

Toy Manufacturing

Toy manufacturing is another booming business industry. The scope and demand for toy business are massive. One has many options to start with toy businesses like educational toys, electronic toys, and soft toys. The demand for eco-friendly and children friendly toys is enormous and has a loyal market base.

There is no limitation for the toy business in the market. The business opportunities for a toy manufacturing industry include collaboration with franchises, malls, or standalone markets.

11.Oil Processing:

Oil Processing

The oil processing and manufacturing is a profitable business. To start an oil business, one needs to conduct a market survey to understand the nature of oils frequently used in households. The oil business requires an initial capital for the purchase of machines.

An individual can plan for import and export of oil business as it has a massive demand in the market. One has options for manufacturing different varieties of oils like hair oil, edible oil, and cooking oil, among others to sustain the business.

Starting any new business is always associated with some kind of risk. Here are some pointers that one needs to be careful while starting any manufacturing business.

  • The distribution of materials and supply chain management is an essential and high-risk part of the manufacturing business.
  • You have to be familiar with local regulations, traders and the public.
  • There is always going to be much competition in the operations of the domestic and international markets.
  • Market conditions and staff management are essential factors that can determine the success and failure of the manufacturing business.


Above mentioned trending business ideas are ideal for starting a business in manufacturing. Whenever you start a business, make sure you believe that your business can succeed with many hurdles. A constant update of the industry is necessary to sustain the company in the market competition.

To summarise, Viewham will help you with some different business ideas such as the blog small business opportunities in the readymade garment industry.

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