Part Time Business Ideas For Full Time Employee

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The primary reason for any full-time employee to look for part-time jobs is the remuneration (salary). “In this blog, we try and explore all options and business ideas for a part-time business”. In some scenarios, part-time profitable small business ideas are for security in terms of income.

Based on your objectives, the part-time business ideas presented in the blog can help you grow in your career. These ideas can be speedily implemented with low-cost and the bonus of continuing your full-time job.

Part-Time Business Ideas with low investment:
1.Graphic Design:

Graphic Design

If you know designing, then this idea works best for you. With a little bit of skill, motivation and creativity, you can earn well. There are several opportunities where you can learn any specialized course of graphic design like logo designing, multimedia designing, flash designing etc. & start your business.

As the world becomes digital, the scope of a graphic designer is also growing with technological advancements.

2.Art Gallery:

Art Gallery

Are you good for an artist? Then you can start this business by exhibiting your art skills. For your art gallery, you can decide which exhibition suits you i.e. a floating one or a fixed exhibition depending upon your availability. Initially, you can open a small art gallery and later you can plan for international exhibitions.

Opportunities for any art gallery can be either through participation in any show or conduct small exhibitions at a premise of your choice by promoting your brand through advertising in newspapers, social media platforms & magazines or by inviting other participants personally.

Other opportunities include selling your creative or craft items on commercial websites like, specializing in unique products, handmade products, vintage or antique collections.

3.Antiques Trading:

Antiques Trading

If you have a habit or passion for collecting antiques, this business idea works best. With this passion, you can become a dealer for antique collection and make profits. You can conduct small exhibitions for customers and showcase your collection or open your shop if you are interested in selling your collection.

For this business idea, opportunities are limited, and attending auctions, antique fairs, and visiting clients becomes essential to make contacts for buying and selling. There are limited opportunities for these because the passion for this business is not common but you can grow your business in the long run.

4. Write For Money:

Write For Money

If you have excellent writing skills, then this business idea might suit you. Writing resumes, online articles, blogs etc. are all good ideas related to writing. With resume writing or cover letter writing, you can help students or other people who find it difficult to project themselves. Other opportunities include work as a freelancer for a company.

When you are freelancing, you can publish your write-ups on websites or social media platforms like LinkedIn etc. and get in touch with other companies to gain more customers.

5.Tax Filing:

Tax Filing

Every individual files income tax for every financial year. Along with your tax filing, you can open a tax-filing business for others. For starting this business, you need to know taxation laws. During the tax-filing season, you will be busy, after the tax season you can take online classes for students as well as employees and become a freelance tax filing agent or work with companies.

The opportunities for tax filing agents are high because many people and companies do not know the right procedure and would pay a premium for anyone who can prepare tax filing and related documents. The scope of a job for a tax filing agent person is very vast.

6.Online Tutoring:

Online Tutoring

If you are interested in teaching, then this business idea works best for you. Depending on your interest, you can teach different subjects for school students and college students with your department’s choice. You can also help students in preparation for competitive exams like EAMCET, NEET, ICWA & others.

As you are experienced in appearing for these competitive exams, you can help them with tips or techniques on how you have successfully cleared the exam. You can start with small batches of students to get the hang of it and you can plan for a large group if you are comfortable and want to teach full time.

Private classes on particular subjects are the way to go forward. Opportunities are higher as schools and colleges are looking for subject wise tutors and you can join as part-time faculty in these institutions.



If you can capture good photos, then this business idea might work best for you. For starting this business, you need a camera and patience until you can catch a good picture. Nowadays, there is a massive demand for photographers because people want to capture every moment of their life.

There are also many opportunities where you can become a graphic designer, art director etc. where you can collaborate with photographers or open your own photography business.

8.Social Media Manager:

Social Media Manager

If you enjoy spending time on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, among others you can start a business as a social media manager. The technology of today is growing exponentially.

If you are good at engaging people on social media platforms, you can work as a social media manager and develop a media plan for entrepreneurs and plan social media campaigns.

The opportunities as social media managers are technology dependent. The availability of the latest technologies means that the work scope for a social media manager is increasing and so are the opportunities.

There are some pointers we think are necessary for any aspiring business person, and they are as follows:

  • Control your budget and, if possible, try to find business partners while maintaining ownership.
  • Consider investors or backing from administrations or governments.
  • And finally, do not expose yourself or fall into a debt trap.


The business ideas mentioned in our blog are some of the extra income ideas that can be implemented for a part-time business. These trending business ideas allow some flexibility in terms of time management for a full-time employee. Work hour flexibility is possible because you are your boss and with proper planning and prioritization, your business can thrive.

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