Business Ideas that will allow you to Work from Home

Business Ideas that will allow you to Work From Home

To hear the word ‘Home’ is always a pleasure. It’s a space created that’s filled with warmth, love, and laughter. In the present scenario, working from home is a bliss! That way we don’t have to get ourselves involved in a chaotic eco-system just to make a comfortable living in a vicious society which is all about outrageous competitions.

On the other hand, it has become increasingly uncomfortable to commute to work given the odd timings and insane hours at work, all week along.

You rather would find it comfortable to stay at home and make the same kind of money you would earn otherwise. Have you thought of this as a possibility? For real?

Is there something you are exceptionally good at? A skill set that you have taught yourself from a long time, or may be something that you have acquired through experience over time? And did you know that you can monetize this easily by working from home?

This blog is exactly aimed at leveraging just that! We present to you, business ideas that are potentially low-investment businesses that can make loads of money for you.

Book Reviewer:

 Book Reviewer
As an avid Book lover myself, drowning in a book is one of those guilty pleasures.  Given a book, or even better – a bunch of it, bookworms like me would love to indulge in what we call the perfect weekend getaway.

There are platforms that offer free books to read and review. The best part is that, they pay for every review you would submit.  It’s the perfect job to sit at home, cuddle in a blanket with a cup of hot coffee that you bought yourself.


If you love spending your time on social media platforms, why not use the same skill to make money? Blogging is one of the most popular platforms to share writings, articles, snippets, which need not always be professional. You can choose to blog about anything that you could be interested in.

If you don’t want to do it for yourself, you could write as a proxy to someone else who is already a professional writer.

In return, you can ask for a fee. One step ahead of this would be finding a deal that pays good money for good content. And be assured, a lot of people earn a decent living with Blogging alone.

Etsy shops/ Handicrafts:

Etsy shops_Handicrafts
Everybody loves online shopping, but the only problem we have is the abnormally high prices for something not worth. Nevertheless, everything has its own value.

If 3/4th of your brain is filled with creativity, you can open up your own cute Etsy shop and be your own boss, cashier, manager, and an employee as well. This is also a great opportunity to grow as an entrepreneur.

If you manage to market this locally, and bag a couple of corporate projects, you are up already making tons of money doing what you love.


Learning a new language is all about getting to know their culture and effectively being able to communicate. And if you know an international language or two, you are pretty much a genius.

You could apply for translation careers where audio tapes are given out such that you can translate them by hearing it out.There are tons of people such as college students, international travellers who would want to learn these languages. You might want to help them out through your own private classes.

You can, for instance, get creative and introduce a curriculum teaching them to have a decent conversation for starters. Who wouldn’t want to learn it the fun way.


Yum!! The word, like always, has a warm and a fuzzy feel to it. If you are a passionate baker and have learnt those little tricks that will make everybody drool over the kind of goodies you present, then you are all set to become ‘the next favourite chef!’

All you might need is an online store where you can sell all these tiny bits of pleasure. Give your store a fancy name and get started on baking! It’s just a matter of time until your first order.

A website might cost you a bit, but do not worry. We have got that covered for you. Please visit us at Ading Agency for website and marketing related queries.

Tutoring/ Music Classes/ Dance classes:

Tutoring_Music Classes_Dance classes
Teaching is tough! And if you are good at teaching someone something then you could potentially consider taking tuitions. Whatever the age-group, whoever it is, if you know their learning concepts well and are able to articulate those to your audience, then this is a field you shouldn’t let slip away.

While let’s say, you never really enjoyed the bookish knowledge, but love music and dance. Take our word for it – these fields will earn you even better.

All you need to figure out is a place to teach and brush up those skills.  Music and dance are priceless talents.


If you are a grammar Nazi, then this profession is exactly what you need! Proofreading is an easy way of earning some extra cash by doing what most find annoying.

All you need is an internet access for your working time. You can literally proof read anything, from anywhere, and for whomsoever it maybe.

Grammar can be tricky, but you have got this covered through knowledge and experience. So, you will feather your way through this.

Graphic designer / Web designer:

Graphic designer_Web designer
If being an illustrator or a design enthusiast excites you, then this is something you should try to monetise. One way to do this is by exploring different applications that require such skills.

For others who would want to try this as a hobby, can learn it for free and find small projects for starters. Once you get a fair idea about the industry, you can create whatever you want.

Explore options such as poster making, digital art, logo creation and other.

Pet sitter/ pet day-care:

Pet sitter_pet day care
Last on this blog, but not the least, babysitting pets! Yes! You heard it right. Pet owners sometimes could use your services of taking care of their pets or simply walking them every day to a nearby park maybe.

If you are willing to take care of their pets overall, the pet owners will be you happiest employers.

With these ideas, one can set things up right away and start working in the confinements of their home. Your talent will pay you and we are there to help you achieve this faster through our services on Viewham. We have tons of low-investment ideas that will work for all. Visit us on Viewham today to know more.

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