Best Businesses to Start in Telangana

best businesses to start in Telangana

Telangana is transitioning into a state of opportunities. Quite a lot of people are seeking ideas and opportunities to start something on their own and the pace at which the state is progressing is astonishing.There are many ways to start a business.

Traditionally, some prefer continuing in their forefathers’ footsteps by getting into their family businesses.

They live rich and are visibly making significant amount of money. It is a myth that people need to have a large capital to set up a business. Business is smart work than hard work. A business, at the cell-level is a trade. You don’t really require a huge capital to start.

Therefore, a common man with no such decorated background can also make it large in life. That’s the good news.

Starting small is the key. Low investment ideas are always the best to get started with.This blog lists out our top industry ventures that seem to be making a lot of money in many ways. It’s just a matter of time when you start something of this sort for yourself and live a life that you have always imagined.



Rice, pulses such as dal are the staple food crops of the state. Telangana is also famous for its variety of sweets whose sugar is extracted from sugar-cane. Other major food and crops include mango, cotton and tobacco.

Since the bifurcation of Telangana from Andhra Pradesh, the independent state of Telangana decided to promote agricultural trade to boost produce. This was done as the first step to strengthen the economy of the state through what is known to man from a long time.

The rivers of Godavari, Krishna and other tributaries flow through the heart of the state making irrigation easy and accessible to the farmers. There is enough water and the atmospheric conditions that favors the state on Agriculture. One can make good amount of money by adopting innovation and modern techniques in this field.

2.Agro marketing and industrial processing

Agro marketing and industrial processing

In its latest industrial policy, farming and agro-based marketing were stressed with priorities. The Telangana government has promised its farmers better facilities and subsidies on grains and other requirements.There is a growing demand from the population on e-marketing websites, where they could access prices and other important market parameters leveraging their produce.

3.Harvesting Solar Energy

Harvesting Solar Energy

Telangana is a southern state in India. It is closer to the equator allowing it to be a recipient of significant heat. The state has encouraged harvesting solar power through panels and batteries.If you are someone who finds this business idea interesting, you could try setting up an environment to harvest solar power and supply the same to different use cases.

Solar power storage requires free energy harvest. Storing and distributing it are main challenges in the industry. Since this idea falls under ‘sustainable development’ genre, the government is sure to provide discounts on many things.

4.E-Waste Recycling Plant

E-Waste Recycling Plant

Telangana, like any other state has been growing and is also employing many people in the IT. With this, there is a lot of hardware disposable waste produce in this sector; and you cannot throw away all this outside in the environment.

The thing with e-waste is that they are not easily disposable. Although they are recyclable, they cannot be considered a non-bio-hazardous object when let loose in the environment exposed.

If you are someone who can take care of such e-scraps, e-waste and broken equipment, there is always a scope of business opportunity on this.

5.Disposable paper and containers

Disposable paper and containers

Given the regulatory norms by the government on the amount of waste in the environment, it has become hard for food vendors and other suppliers to pack things in plastic containers.

This is a small business idea that is potentially worth millions if you get the right projects in this. Do you have something in mind that can replace plastic containers such as disposable paper containers and other bio-degradable products?

Viewham can help you find resources that you need to start and scale this small time business. Login to know more.

6.Paper stationary

Paper stationary

Have you thought of catering to the hygiene and cleanliness industry? There is a great demand for constant supply of tissue rolls, paper napkins, disposable paper towels and so on in so many places. Biggest consumers are people working in the IT and other serviceable sectors.

If you can get a steady contract on any of these, you will soon be making good amount of profits in the same field. This small business idea can actually make a lot of money if you are willing to sustain in the market.

7.Electric equipment such as motors

Electric equipment such as motors

Industrialization and other advancements have introduced the need of using electric appliances and motors to its maximum utility capacity.

This could be an amazing business idea as it has many ways to make money using the same main stream. You can think of a business idea with support and assistance for electrical motors or a repair/exchange items that gives away great deals to people looking to renew any electrical appliance.

8.Catering services

Catering services

Catering services supplies cooked food to events and special occasions. Taste is everything in this sector. If you know a bunch of chefs who cooks exceptionally good, then get them together to make this happen for real.

Your menu can contain something different from other vendors. It is just a matter of time before you can receive big orders as the word might have already spread that your services is one of the best in the state.

9.Hand-made crafts

Hand-made crafts

The state is filled with skillful handicrafts artists. Small stuffed toys, tribal art, stick painting, personalized fabric prints are some of the few artwork these skilled people do.

As an entrepreneur, you can get together a bunch of people to finish such pieces and keep it ready to be delivered on project basis.Try to fetch projects with bulk orders. You can do this locally or think of options to export the same.

Telangana can ideally compete in the international markets if the goods are authentic enough. You will be the bridge between skilled artists and buyers who pay you on project basis. In return, you can make money on commission rates agreed upon.

10.Pet care services

Pet care services

Pet care services seems to have an increasing market. Pet care services comes with a whole list of services from pedicures to massages.The pets also have activity areas where they are pampered to play and have fun. You could get a bunch of team to put together all of this and turn it into a money making business idea.

11.Counselling services

Counselling services
There are many people who seek professional help. But they are unable to find the right professionals at the right time. This is one industry that will help a lot of people by supporting mental health.

If you are a medical professional and you know a bunch of counselors who are good in this, setting this service will be easy. You can charge people a minimum sum in the beginning simply to guide them on what’s holding them back in life.


These are some of the best business ideas in Telangana. All are small-time business ideas and are most profitable.To get them started, you would need resources, people, strategies, marketing  and other services. Viewham can help you with this. The website has hundreds of ideas from which you can choose, and also presents to you a chance to collaborate with people who have similar thinking.Login today to know more.

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