Ajay Krishna
Leadership Traits to be a Business Leader in the Market
Building a business is one thing; Sustaining it is a whole different game! You have an idea, you build upon it, you sell it, and next what? The way you define an answer for this will help you know if you can keep the business alive or will let it fade away. In other words,...
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Every Minute after the Birth of a Business Idea Counts
It’s often a wonderful experience when you actually get an idea that can work in the real world from which you can make money. You build on the idea and try thinking about it day-in and day-out! If one is really serious about the idea and really wants to pull something off and make it...
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Top 6 startup ideas to make more money
Making more money is a dream for most of us, but not every person works towards it. Some lack motivation, whilst others lack ideas. This article is for you if you are determined to make more money but are lacking good startup ideas. Here are top 6 startup ideas to help you make money: Recycling...
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How to Identify Spam in Business Ideas
Making money online is trending today. Sometimes the process is legit and can actually be a profitable process of making some side income. But given the dark side of the internet, most of the money-making sources are frauds. They promise something and deliver something else. Identifying such fraudulent business setups is important these days to...
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Tips on making the Best Business Investment Ideas in 2018
Understanding a business idea and the criteria to get it executed in the best way possible is often the most challenging mountain to climb. It’s a hard thing to understand what a creative business idea can do or what it can do for someone when it comes to making some money. To invest the right...
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Viewham helping you to reinvent work with SMART techniques
Fast-tracking your business is necessary for this age and time. Being able to do it first takes the precedence in almost everything you think of doing today. Going SMART is Therefore not all about being smart or choosing the right way, but are concepts you need to understand to “Do it better!” SMART is a...
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