5 Best Business ideas you should start in 2019

5 best Business Ideas you should start in 2019

Business is a process of making a profit in the market while trading an asset for financial leverage. It’s all about creating a product/service that someone can use to ease their lives. If the asset is acceptable, you make money!

This blog is about 5 business ideas that are put together for you. Along with the idea lines mentioned, we also explore techniques on how you can directly go about doing it. Each of these ideas is selected because they are easy to understand, takes less time to set-up, sustain in the market, and can generate optimum ROI.

Online Courses through Video Content

Time is money and the very essence of everything that should progress. These days people are evolving in terms of internet and mobile usability. Rather than choosing to do things manually, an individual relies on automating things. This is due to the fact that ‘digital era’ is presenting to its audience a wide variety of options in the form of tools, apps, websites, and so on at the disposal of their fingertips.

One of the easiest ways to make money online is by producing educational content/courses online. You can begin by creating a website from a source which has free themes, that you can host. Some of these sources are Word Press, Wix, Weebly. They have several themes that you can use for free. If you need assistance to host a website, or if you already have a design in mind that you would like to deploy, you can contact ADing or post your idea on Viewham.

Getting in touch with one of those websites have many other perks. To create videos of your educational content, you need skilled and creative people who can work on tools like Illustrator, Camtasia, Articulate and so on. You can also find people on these platform websites who can do these things for you at an economical price.

Once the website is live, and the quality of the videos on the educational content is good, you could have many people willing to buy those courses for a good price.

Pro Tip: Make sure to produce the videos in HD for better visualization. Also, allow for one or two videos that can be used as demos. Produce content that you would pay to watch!


It’s a wonder what a small piece of gadget can actually do. Who does not like being in a picture that can speak a lot about emotions? Who does not endorse the idea of having an album that can take then back in time to relive those wonderful wedding moments, festival celebrations, family get together and so on?

Photography has evolved over time with sophisticated cameras hitting the market these days. It’s no longer about just a click. Its rather more to do to with editing, posing right, after effects, color choices, themes, and many other technical things.

People, especially couples, are investing a lot in photography. Broadly speaking, there is domestic photography –where the photographers mostly capture images for memories; and then there is commercial photography –where the photographs are used for commercial and marketing purposes. There is a large scope for photographers these days, thanks to the Indian culture that believes in hosting at least 2 festivals/events in a month. In a population of a billion people, if skilled photographers manage to focus on two events a month, then he/she would be earning the same as a regular software engineer.

Viewham gives you a sneak-peek on what’s going on in the photography community. Log in to know more. From birthdays to house-warming ceremony, from weddings to office outings—all you need is a camera and a few editing skills to start making some extra money.

Technology Solution Consultant

We need an example to know what exactly does a Tech Consultant do? Let’s say you own a business which has a type x infrastructure. You are looking to update all systems, their security services in particular. You have no idea how to go about it. You contact big players (companies) dealing with it who offer you solutions worth a lot of money.

On the other hand, you are running a small business and are looking to invest small for an optimal solution with a limited budget. This is where a solutions consultant can be hired to take care of the job. There are many freelancers who do this at a small scale with the minimum number of people as a group. Are you one of them?

2019 and the next 5 years look promising for technology nerds who are looking to solve every day IT problems. If you are someone who can assist people on platform solutions, IT infrastructure management, Financial solutions, investment solutions, cloud solutions for small scale businesses, then this option is for you! ADing is one such consulting organizations that can provide you with the right kind of digital marketing exposure.

Pet Grooming

Humans love the extra attention, there is no denying that! If it’s from pets, then there is nothing stopping it! We all like to own pets, but find it hard to maintain and take care of them. Some fancy dog breeds have silky long hair, overgrown paw nails, hygiene issues, and problems that need assistance.

Like humans, pets sometimes may require a bit of pampering. Clipping their nails, oral hygiene, cardio outing, hair trimming, hydration therapy that can cool your dog, are some of the things directly taken from a pet grooming center’s service card.

Setting this up may seem an uphill task at first. If you can invest but are looking for skilled people in this field, or if you are someone who can work on these things but need an investor, you can log in to Viewham’s website to know and set things going for you.

Food Joints

If you are a foodie, then you would know the pain of finding a good food outlet around your place. If you have traveled a bit and have found a small-time food maker who sells good fast food or someone who is ready to prepare the same product elsewhere, then maybe you are up for business.

Begin by applying for a food distribution license. Get someone to build your website. Populate your website with content, pictures, and other things. Find a small place in the city to prepare and package the product. Find an investor, in case you see the scope of expanding the thriving idea. This will set a chain in motion that can start generating revenue in the second quarter itself.

These are some of the basic ideas that we have in mind for this year. To find the right kind of skilled human resource and like-minded investors, take a look at our section ‘IdeaZone.’ To find a ton of such ideas that can help you sustain and also to access a vast knowledge pool, log in to Viewham.

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