3 Types of making Extra Income on Business Ideas

3 Types of Making Extra Income on Business Ideas

Business ideas involve two things; one is the creative aspect and the other is the passion that drives you to take up the challenge.
We list out some of the most unique Business Ideas that you can start today and make that extra income you always wanted. These Business Ideas will never be about ‘it’s already been done by someone else’ but rather, ‘it can be done better!’
By that we mean, it’s not about how many people can do the same thing, it’s about who can do it the best!

Type 1: Skilled Business Leads

Example 1: Web Development
These days web development is not just about the HTML and CSS practices. It has evolved far more into something advanced.

Today, Web Development would involve creating a website, creating content in it, looking into advanced features of a website, storing, backend, writing, SEO, UI/UX and much more.

Skilled Business Leads - Web Development

If you as a developer can handle all these things together in one go and are looking for a team who can help you get more creative with it, you can post your new ideas around it on Viewham.

Example 2: Branding
Say you are an expert in the field of advertisement and marketing for a long time. You have a unique idea of reinventing the process of rebranding and advertising. When you post such an idea around it on Viewham, many people who are thinking along the same lines will contribute their opinions by adding on to the abstract you have posted online.

Skilled Business Leads - Branding

Another flipside to this is someone who is thinking along the same lines and is looking to contact you can get your contact through the same platform to talk about partnering with you in the long run.

Type 2: Hobby Enthusiasts

Example 1: Pottery Making
I knew a retired military professional, who had taken up pottery making as his hobby. Over 2 years, he managed to master the skills that were once alien to him. He knew everything related to it. I offered him some money to sell some of his work for me. Later he resorted into making colored pots and adding designs on it with different patterns. He got many small projects but nothing on a grand scale. What if he launches his work online on Viewham? Will there not be any takers on it?

Hobby Enthusiasts - Pottery Making

Idea Zone not only thrives to gain publicity on the works of artists but also aims at providing a platform where people can build networks with Business Ideas.

Example 2: Home Food Service
People can cook. No doubts about it! A bunch of people came up with the unique idea of setting up outlets to cook healthy food that can be packaged in boxes and to be sold. The Business idea is great and can also make a lot of money. At the same time, the work involved in it is more. The Business idea at the end of the day should make profits. In this idea, if any one of the processes goes wrong, then the profits are not so great.

Hobby Enthusiasts - Home Food Services

Imagine this on Viewham where experts in all kinds visit the website all the time. They would be willing to partner if the idea is actually turning tables. These days, contacts are all that you need to be on the right side of making money.

Type 3:  Investors and budding Entrepreneurs

Example 1: Investors Problem
Investors and investing giants are of many kinds. Some are individual investors, some are angel funding through a company, some are part of a global company, and some want to be partial investors. The only problem all these faces is about where do I invest? How do I invest?

Investors and budding Entrepreneurs - Investors Problem

Example 2: Entrepreneurs Problem
Entrepreneurs on the other hand face criticism all the time. They are also humans and are prone to make mistakes. The only difference is, their mistakes cost a lot of money!

Investors and budding Entrepreneurs - Entrepreneurs Problem

On a daily basis, they are faced with problems such as, whether or not my idea can sell? Will people like my product? Are they willing to use it? What are the reviews I can expect? And so on. They would often need a mentor or a partner who can help them in making good decisions and take care of half the idea to build something unique.

Both the above dilemma can be solved by bridging the gap using Viewham. Investors can go after ideas that are worth investing, and entrepreneurs can solve all their queries on the same platform.

Investors and Entrepreneurs

Overall, Idea Zone is a hub for ideas and business players. Anyone can log in and experience this powerful tool which is creating the next generation. It’s not about the game, it’s about who can play it the best!

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