12 profitable agricultural business ideas – small business trends

Agriculture, by its very nature, is the science of soil, plants and rearing livestock. This is an untapped market and people who can come up with ideas in this field can make a lot of money both in main-stream markets and also along sidelines. In a market space where other things look a bit saturating, agricultural produce and supplements are blooming and are here to stay.

We listed few agriculture business ideas for your reference that could be famous and would trend in the 2019 Agro markets. Do take a look and let us know what you think in the comments section below

1) Growing a Nursery

Growing a Nursery

If you like growing plants, then this business is likely to suit you more. Horticulture department sells different variety of botanical seeds and also give away seedlings and sometimes saplings. Make use of this opportunity to construct your idea. Begin by finding a place to dump the stock, organize the area to nurture different produce, develop cultivating and farming skills, educate yourself on the process, and get going!

2) Poultry Farming     

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is in demand and classically, the set-up would take more than 2 to 3 people working together on a solo idea. The process could be where you just take care of the animal shipment; or could be mainstream where you decide to take care of its growth, rearing, preventive care, supplying and so on. It’s a sure shot revenue generating idea but only if there is a quality assurance in the right kind of markets.

3) Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming

Dairy Farming can be a two-fold profitable business. Firstly, you need animals such as cows, buffalo, goats that can produce milk. Later, set up a place to collect milk. Then, a unit that can test for quality and contamination, and finally, seal the deal by either selling the product or packaging it with your own label before selling it.

4) Cultivating Spices

Cultivating Spices

Land can be put to good use by growing spices on it. Spices are not grown everywhere. It is only grown on selective lands. Spices take time to grow, but they generate a lot of money if sold in the right markets. Spices that are in demand are inclusive of cloves, cardamom, and black pepper and so on. Their retail selling price is kept high and can give you the right kind of money if you can find the right vendor.

5) Fish Farming/Hatchery

Fish Farming/Hatchery

An aquatic fish hatchery is an artificial place set up to breed, grow, rear, and sell selected breeds of fish species. Some of them can include carp fish, mollusks, worms, shellfish, scallops, salmon, and prawns and so on. They have great commercial value when it comes to food sold under delicacy value. Although maintaining and set up costs are high, the selling value can make up for the price.

6) Sericulture


Popularly known as silk farming, is an art of growing mulberry plantation for silkworms to grow. The larvae are nurtured to hatch into caterpillars and are take care throughout their development process until they are capable to weave a cocoon for their hibernation. The cocoons are segmented to collect silk which is later sold.

7) Organic fruits

Organic fruits

A lot of people these days are opting for organic food choices. Fruits and vegetables are grown the organic way, surprisingly have the highest buyers. These days, organic produce is supplied either directly to your household or by canning it. Either way, this is a blooming field and there are many takers in the market. Palm jaggery, seasonal fruits, and vegetables, corn, starchy products, gluten-less products are in demand and these items can be produced through organic farming methods.

8) Jam/Sauce Production

Jam/Sauce Production

Jam production is a secondary company attached to the primary producer. This is a growing field too. Every fruit item is perishable and has a shelf life within which the fruit has to be sold. If the fruit bulk is nearing expiry, and the stock selling looks stagnant, you can choose to use them to produce jam.

9) Vegetable and fruit sauceVegetable and fruit sauce

Vegetables and certain sour fruits can find their usage in making a sauce. Sauces are in demand and a lot of people would look for avenues to buy it. If you can find a chef who can supervise your dish, and you know where to get the ingredients from, you can set yourself online and sell your products.

10) Cold pressed Oil Production

Cold pressed Oil Production

Ever thought of this? The second most popular business after petroleum oils is an extraction of refined oils for cooking and other purposes. But they use heat to extract oils that destroy a lot of nutrients naturally present in oils. If you can extract the same oil without using heat, then you can produce pure, unadulterated oil. The seeds are crushed using wooden churner eliminating the use of heat. This may require a bit of an initial investment but thereafter is self-sustainable. The market is huge in terms of finding the target audience. You can target homemakers, and try to sell them the idea, and probably partner with them if you need.

11) Wool production

Wool production

Rearing good breed of sheep can help you start a woolen business. You can simply be someone who collects raw wool and prepares it for dispatch. There are many takers in the market for this product. The applications include clothes, bags, and accessories and so on.

12) Agritourism


If you already have an estate with crops grown for production and other purposes, you can start a side business of mini tourism. Set up a cottage with basic living facilities, allow people to stay there over travel, provide holiday accommodation and other events. Charge a nominal fee for the services offered. A lot of people these days look for such places to stay, and needless to say, there is a good market for it.


There are many idea lines along which an idea can be constructed. You can run them independently or choose to run it with partners or investors. Make sure to document the process in detail for references. Viewham is a place to do exactly this where an idea is built upon. Take a look to know more.

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